Blagojevich Arrested for scheming to Sell Obama’s Senate Seat!!

Wow! Big News in Illinois. Blogojevich arrested on corruption charges for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Here is the

MSNBC article:


All I can say is unbelievable! This is huge news. How can anybody be so stupid. He had to know he was being watched. Had to freaking know. How did he not know? Did he think that Rezko was the real target of the probe? Did he think that Rezko would remain totally silent and take all the blame? I am sure more charges are to follow.

Blagojevich must be the biggest douchebag ever, and stupid to boot. Corrupt to the bone. I certainly hope that Obama doesn’t get ensnared in this mess. I have argued that although I don’t like the man, due to his lying and his pandering to the messiah wanters, and that corruption was all around him and while he totally appears to be corrupt  he may have been the victim and unwitting pawn of the Rezko and Blagojevich types. We certainly don’t have enough information at this point to judge and the evidence against Obama is certainly suspect.

I just hope that the other shoe doesn’t drop on this but I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough. I want Bush gone. I want a Democrat inaugurated on Jan. 20th, 2009. I don’t want to see any of the permutations that might transpire. If Obama got ensnared in this corruption ring, and it was a ring, will he still be inaugurated and then immediately impeached and convicted so that Biden could be president? Would Bush continue on for 2 more years? He wants to get the hell out of Dodge. I’ve always felt that he tried to lose in 2000 and 2004 never really wanting to be President but to many nitwits wanted to worship him as some sort of demi-god. If this particular scenario plays out then in 2 years Chaney would take over as President? OMG, this is a nightmare scenario straight from the bowels of hell. One thing is for certain we don’t have any constitutional protections for this sort of thing.

Hopefully, Doucheblagojevich will get his just desserts on this crap. On the face of it these charges seem kind of weak but we don’t have all the information. Illinois needs to clean house. In fact, we need to clean house. We need government that works for the people and not for themselves. Doucheblagojevich and his cronies all believe that our government is for sale. We need to show him that it is not and put McCain in charge of making some reforms. Until we make reforms on the way campaigns are conducted poor people need not apply, honest people need not apply, and competent people need not apply.

This trading favors for campaign cash has got to stop. It is an end around of the will of the people. I see the only way to fix this mess is to equalize fund raising by making all campaign contributions go through some sort of government agency. All campaigns are just going to have to be publicly funded through the government or we are going to continue to have all of our offices being bought by people who don’t really give a damned about the people of this country. It is obvious that Doucheblagojevich doesn’t give a damned about the people of Illinois. I hope the charges are true and he gets to rot in prison like his predecessor.


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