More Blagojevich Crap!

Been watching Fox, yeah that is right I am watching a station that I have despised for years. So much so that I would walk out of any restaurant that had TV’s set to it. But this is a topsy turvy year and things aren’t normal anymore. This whole last decade has felt like living in an evil alternate reality or universe. Somehow my evil doppelganger supplanted me and brought me to this war torn, terrorist infested, homosexual hating, god forsaken reality. Ok, so its not that bad but you get the point.

Well, it seems that several important points are in order. 1. Blagojevich has not been indicted, just arrested and a complaint filed. 2. Blagojevich is one smug SOB. He really doesn’t see the problem with the pay to play scheming he and his cronies have concocted. 3. Everything is on tape. 4. There are other schemes and this was an action taken to stop the “crime spree” being conducted by Blagojevich and his cronies. 5. Blagojevich needs to go to jail. As I’ve said many times the combination of Hubris and Ignorance are lethal combinations in government. Blagojevich has both in spades.


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