About Sleek and Meek

Just getting started with this blog thing. I don’t quite think I’ve got the time, inclination or the patience for this kind of work; however, I have some ideas to convey that don’t dovetail with existing liberal leaning blogs. I love and appreciate a few of the sites I go to every day: The Confluence, No Quarter, Liberal Rapture, Cannonfire, Not Your Sweetie, Uppity Woman and Electric Blues are my favorites. Unfortunately, I don’t always agree with them though I see them as the best of the best and I really dislike going to someone elses blog and calling them out when I disagree with their content.

I hope this blog conforms to my expectations and the examples set by the aforementioned blogs. The big diference between me and most other bloggers is that I am a professionally trained scientist, much like Riverdaughter except without the good job and the chemistry degree. My degrees are broader in scope and give me expertise in a wide range of fields. I am currently a doctoral candidate at a very nice University. When I get my dissertation written I will have an EdD in educational leadership. It is a research based degree much like the PhD. I am still in the topic proposal stage. In fact, that is what I am writing over the break.

My other degrees are totally science based. I have a MS in biology mainly focused on field and behavioral ecology which is a very interesting and rewarding field. I would love nothing more than have a job conducting this type of science. I absolutely love ecology. Did I say that I love ecology? I also love genetics, microbiology, cell biology, evolution and all the rest with a passion, but there is something special about studying animals and their behavior.

My undergraduate degrees are kind of a mixed bag though. My primary major was biology. I took a hell of a lot of classes here. Basically everything under the sun. Many more than I needed to graduate. Waste of money? Maybe. But it was all in fun and I learned a great deal. I kind of jumped the shark picking up a second major in physics and a minor in mathematics. If I had to do it over I would definitely not do the physics but focus more on mathematics and chemistry. I took enough chemistry though to get a minor. Didn’t need a double minor and my mathematics grades were superior.

Anyway, my expectations about this endeavor is that I want to discuss ideas and opinions with others but in a more professional manner than occurs on most other blogs. I am not fond of the linking process which doesn’t really provide much information. I have found that many unscrupulous blogs from both the left and the right tend to link to opinion articles or other credibility deprived sources and treat them as the last word. These people often take snippets out of the articles or the ideas expressed in the articles and completely misrepresent the meaning. I hope to avoid that here. I will always give people the benefit of the doubt. As a scientist I am very conservative in that regard. I tend to think most people blog with good intentions but I also am not naive. I know much of the disinformation on the web is intentional just as it is with the MSM. Ultimately, for every idea being driven on the web or in the MSM there is someone behind that idea. Unfortunately, in todays climate this is often done at the behest of $$$$ and with little regard for ethics, morality or good will. We can’t take anyone at face value anymore, especially anonymous people on the web.

What I am saying is that whenever I post my ideas I am going to back them up with credible information and I am going to use APA because that is what I know and it is what I am good at. I’ll try linking here and there but it is easier for me to just cite the sources and be done with it. Besides, much of the information I will bring to the table will only be found in journals not easily accessible to the public.

The kinds of topics I would like to discuss will vary. I love science, education, and politics. Both healthcare and medicine are high on my agenda as well. I want to delve into whatever is interesting to me at the moment. I am not exceptionally fond of the way our media does business anymore and the way the public seems to fall for narratives over substance. I believe entirely in substance. I don’t believe in the narrative. Blindly following narratives makes suckers out of otherwise intelligent people. It turns us into fools that are easily manipulated by people with ill intentions or suspect agendas. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my particular insight, my wit and my sarcasm. I just hope that you don’t always agree with me and will point out whenever I make an error. Rest assured that any error I do make will not be with evil intent. All of us get things wrong every day. I guess it is the nature of humanity.

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