Ideas for stories & features

If you have any ideas for a feature that you would like me to check into please leave me a brief synopsis of the topic. I will respond as quickly as possible and try to give you my slant. Hopefully, I will be able to do some legitimate research and write a well written piece that is backed up by facts. My current interests for stories include:

1. The 30% solution that has been bandied about the internet recently. I think it is a good idea but would rather see equal representation across the board. I am going to look at it from the prospect of short term and long term goals, how achievable are these goals and who is working towards these goals. I am very interested in learning some facts about the organizations involved in this, their financial committment to this cause as well as the human committment.

2. Another topic that interests me greatly is equality for all people in this country. I know this gets written about by a lot of people but the discrimination that some groups suffer at the hands of the majority is harrowing, sickening and blatantly evil. The GLBT community deserves better. Everybody else in this country deserves better.

3. Education. I definitely will discuss many issues concerning education. Education and science are within my areas of expertise. I would be remiss in focusing on politics only.


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